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Winston Wealth Advisors is a proud strategic partner to OU Spirit. The Winston Wealth Advisors team proudly serves our clients nationwide in all aspects of their financial lives. 

It all starts with developing a financial plan uniquely designed for each family. As a national firm, Winston Wealth Advisors helps families plan for life’s major goals including retirement planning. Since 1994 David Winston and his team have helped hundreds of families prepare and plan for their financial goals.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning: A Customized Approach

A strong comprehensive retirement plan should quantify the large number of variables that may impact a successful retirement. Some of those variables include:

  • We start with the sources of income.
  • Selecting the right pension options based on your unique circumstances
  • When to optimally draw Social Security?
  • Cost of your standard of living and how inflation will impact lifestyle.
  • One spouse outliving the other
  • Buying a second home? Will my plan support it?
  • Do I own the appropriate amount of life insurance? Is life insurance needed at all?
  • Long Term Care. Do I need it?
  • What rate of return do my investments need to earn to support the plan?
  • Are my assets invested appropriately?

David B. Winston is the Executive Wealth Advisor of Winston Wealth Advisors. For more than 28 years David and his team have helped hundreds of families throughout the United States prepare and enjoy their retirement years.

David’s son Jacob Winston, CFP®,Wealth Strategist joined the firm in 2017.

Based in Dallas, Texas, David was the founding president of Torah Day School of Dallas in 2003. Serving in that role for more than 10 years, the school now has enrollment of more than 400 children.

David’s wife Cindy, has served as President of Mikvah Israel in Dallas since 2002.

In 2022 the community raised more than $1m to renovate the mikvah. The renovation is under way and should be completed in March, 2023.

David B. Winston

Executive Wealth Advisor

Phone: 806.745.9120

Email: david@winstonwealthadvisors.com





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